Knife Sharpener (4-in-1) Comfortable Grip

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Knife Sharpener (4-in-1) Comfortable Grip
Knife Sharpener (4-in-1) Comfortable Grip
Knife Sharpener (4-in-1) Comfortable Grip
Knife Sharpener (4-in-1) Comfortable Grip
Knife Sharpener (4-in-1) Comfortable Grip

Cutting with blunt knives or scissors is extremely tedious and frustrating, and more dangerous because they are more difficult to control and may cut your thumbs and fingures instead.

Now, we have the Knife Sharpener (4-in-1) Comfortable Grip to offer you. It housed the same features and benefits as the other knife sharpeners of its class, while giving you better grip and control during use.

  • It is easy to use, very sturdy and durable. Big enough for proper holding and safe handling, but small enough to fit into any kitchen drawer
  • Made of quality materials with solid ABS body and non-slip base
  • 4 stainless steel stages coated with ceramic, tungsten steel and diamond for different functions :
    • Stage 1 for fine polishing of the sharp cutting edges
    • Stage 2 for medium sharpening in daily maintenance use
    • Stage 3 for course grinding for blunt knives
    • Stage (Scissors) for sharpening scissors
  • How to use :-
    • For scissors : open the scissors & insert into stage 1, hold the sharpener body steadily and move the scissors towards you only for 5-7 times.
    • For knives (except serrated blades) : hold the sharpener body steadily, use stage 2 for sharpening blunt knife, sharpen 3-5 times by moving knife towards you only. Do the same in stage 3 for daily maintenance; and stage 4 for a more refined finishing.

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